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【For administrator】 【For staff】

Connect the card reader ''PaSoRi'' to the PC, and tap the IC card such as ''Suica'' on the card reader to perform the stamping.

It used to be "time stamping machine and paper time card" until now, but it becomes "card reader and time clock card".

The employee site will allow you to clock in and out anywhere. However, the employee can only clock in and out at where the card reader is, when you use group time recorder.


  • Windows PC (Windows 7 or the later)
    * It is not compatible with Mac OS.

  • Web browsers
    Internet Explorer, Google Chrome (* It is not compatible with Microsoft Edge)
    * Please enable flash in the web browser.

  • PaSoRi: The card reader
    * The card reader supports only Sony's PaSoRi.

  • FeliCa cards or NFC compatible mobile devices
    Transportation IC card: Suica · PASMO etc.
    Electronic money system IC card: Rakuten Edy · nanaco etc.
    NFC-compatible mobile devices: the traffic system IC card, the portable terminal compatible with digital money

Preparation of Time clock

  1. Setting of PaSoRi
    Set the card reader PaSoRi on the PC.
    * Please refer to here for the setting of PaSoRi.

  2. Setting of Time clock ID
    Settings to activate the Time clock.
    There are two ways to activate.
    ・Swipe the activation card over the card reader.
    ・Enter ID and password.
    * Please refer to here for the setting of Time clock ID.

  3. Register FeliCa card for employee
    The employee cards need to be registered beforehand.
    * Please refer to here for the guide of registration of card information.

How to clock in

  1. After logging in to Doreming, go to administrator site and click on Time clock icon.

  2. Activate the time recorder in one of the following ways.

・When activating with the time recorder activation card
Please tap the activation card on PaSoRi.

・When activating with time recorder ID and password
Enter the time recorder ID and password in the field and click Login.

    3. When employee card is tapped to PaSoRi once, it will be registered as clock in, when it is tapped again, it will be registered as clocked out.

Please check here about the function of group time recorder.

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