Set up substitute/transfer holiday in working conditions


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【For administrators】

Here is the explanation of working condition settings whether to manage employee's substitute/transfer holidays.

※ The management method of substitute/transfer holiday is set to manage by company as a default.
If you need to change the setting contents for each employee, change the management unit from [Company] to [Employee].

To change the management unit for each content of working conditions, please refer to this article. (The link is currently available only in Japanese.) 

  1. Click on Employees

  2. Click on the Working conditions of the employee.

  3. In the setting history, click the period in which you want to reflect the setting.
    However, you cannot change or apply settings for the month which company closing is completed, or outside the range of two months before and after the current month.
    ※You can change settings by cancelling company closing at finalize attendance menu. Regarding application start date / time(effective date), click here、

  4. Click Paid leave pattern
    perform settings for Substitute / transfer holiday.

    Choose management method for transfer(compensatory) holidays and substitute holidays respectively. For details, click here.

    • Select 【Carry forward day】
      Enter how many days to carry forward. The initial value sets at 7 days .

    • Select 【Carry forward month】
      Enter until which month(the end of the month) you want it to be carried forward. By default, it is set to carry forward until the last day of next month.

  5. Select the start date and click Update at the bottom of the page.
    ※Application start date can only be set within the range of 2 months before and after the current month.

It is over regarding setting of transfer holiday / substitute holiday.

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