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Introduction of group time recorder function


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【For administrators】 【For employee

Here is the introduction of the function of group time recorder.

※ In order to activate the group time recorder, it is necessary to register ID for activation in advance.
Set activation ID of time recorder

  1. Clock in
    By default, when you tap the card once, it will automatically recorded as a clock in.
    You can also change the setting to clock in by clicking the button after tapping the card.  (This setting procedure is available in step 6.)

  2. Outside *1
    Click this button when going for a break.

  3. Inside *1
    Click this button when you returned from the break.

    *1 To use outside or inside, please set  "Manual stamp" at the step 6 settings, and choose "permission" for rest setting.  Then, you will be able to  click "outside" · "inside"  button to record the break time, after tapping the card.
    It is available only when "Check at the time of res" is selected in the break setting of working conditions.
    Set up time clock / rest

  4. Clock out
    Tapping the card again after clock in will be automatically recorded as  a clock out.

  5. In case the employee forgot their IC card
    When the employee forgets the IC card, it is possible to clock in with the group time recorder by using the employee's ID and password.

  6. Other
  • Settings
    Perform various settings.

    Stamp Method
    There are two ways to stamp.
    Card Stamp: You can clock in / out only by tapping the Time Recorder card. 
    Manual Stamp: You can clock in / out by clicking the button after tapping the Time Recorder card.

    Rest Setting
    You can deduct break time from their working hours by allowing to click "Outside" or "Inside" button.
    Permission: Employees should click on Outside or Inside when they take a break.
    * In rest setting under the working condition, confirm that the setting is set at ''check at the time of rest''.
    Disallow: Cannot use Outside or Inside button.

    Worker list
    Select whether to display the name and time of stamped employees.

    Choose the sound when clock in / out has been taken place.
    Sound: When employees clock in, the voice "Let's do our best today" will be announced. And when clock out, "Thank you for your hard work" will be announced.
    Beep sound: Beep sound will be announced when clock in/out.

  • History
    You can check the history.

    [Unsend infos] When you are offline, it will save the stamping information and automatically resend it after when it is online.
    You can also get access to this information on the log under management site.
    Click the link below for information on the log of the time record.
    Check the history of the group time recorder

  • Card reader
    Read the card number (IDm) of your card. The employee’s card with IDm can be registered as the time card.

  • Close
    Click Close before closing the Time Recorder.

That is the function of the group time recorder.

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