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Group time recorder / Register card for employee


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【For administrators】

You can clock in/out from a employee site by using smartphone or laptop,  from an administrator site using time clock by manager, and  by a card reader using a FeliCa * 1 card.

This article explains you how to use a card reader with FeliCa * 1 card.

Cards equipped with FeliCa chips or mobile terminals (with IDm number) are compatible.

To register the employee time clock card, it is necessary to install Card Reader PaSoRi software beforehand, and PaSoRi must be connected to your laptop.
Click  here for setting PaSoRi

  1. Click on Employees

  2. Click employee name

  3. Click Card Recorder, and tap the card that you want to register.

    The number will be automatically added.

  4. Click Update

This completes the setting.
※It takes about 10 minutes to reflect the card number to the system. Please wait for a while after the registration, when you want to clock in/out using the card.

*1 FeliCa
It is a technology method of contactless IC card developed by Sony Corporation.
Cards with FeliCa chips include Suica and nanaco cards.

"FeliCa" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
"Suica" is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company.
"Nanaco" is a registered trademark of Seven Card Service Co., Ltd.

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