Make Compensatory leave available


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【For administrators】

In order to use compensatory leave, please switch the status to active in the attendance types menu.

Upon activation, compensatory leave will be available in shift and timesheets.

Here is the guide to activate compensatory leave and 1/2(half day) Compensatory leave.


  1. Click Attendance Types
    Click the gear icon next to the attendance menu. Attendance type icon will be displayed.

  2. A list of Attendance Types is displayed.
    Click the name you want to activate.

  3. Switch the Status to Active, and click Update at the bottom of the page.

  4. Now both compensatory leave and 1/2(half day) compensatory leave are available.

    It will be available in shift screen and Timesheets.
    Shift creation screen


That's all for the procedure for Activating Compensatory leave and 1/2 Compensatory leave in Attendance Types menu.

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