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【For administrators】

In order to use group time recorder, it is necessary to install basic software of [Card Reader PaSoRi] * 1 in advance.

Here is the introduction of the setting of the card reader.

  1. Prepare a Card Reader, PaSoRi

    RC-S380 is recommended.
    (RC - S370, RC - S330, RC - S320, RC - S310 can also be used, but production is now discontinued)
    ※ The available card reader is only [Sony PaSoRi]. IC card readers made by other companies can not be used.

  2. Setting on PC (installation of basic software)

    ※PC is compatible only with Windows 7 or the later. (It is not compatible with MacOS.)
    ※Please do not connect the Pasori with the PC before the installation of the software is completed!

    ①Please click the following URL and download it.
    (Please note that URL may change due to the circumstances of the manufacturer)

    ②Please install according to the procedure.

    ③When the installation of the software is completed, connect [PaSoRi] to the PC.

The setting of the PaSoRi is completed with the above.

Please see various settings using the card reader from the following.

* 1 PaSoRi is a USB reader / writer compatible with contactless IC card technology, FeliCa, developed by Sony.

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