How to clock in


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【For administorator】 【For staff】

Here are the ways to clock in. (Clock in means recording the start time of work.)

We will keep track of what we have done with time cards online.

There are two kinds of clock in/out methods.

【For administorator】

Time Clock for group

This is a method of clock in/out with swiping an IC card on the card reader.

Until now, It used to be "time stamping machine and paper time card", but it becomes "card reader and IC card".

Just by tapping, it will complete their clock in/out.

Employees can only stamp where there is a card reader.

* Please refer to here for the initial setting for activating Time clock.

  1. Click on Time clock.

  2. Activate the time recorder in one of the following ways.

    ・When activating with the time recorder activation card
    Please tap the activation card on PaSoRi.

    ・When activating with time recorder ID and password
    Enter the time recorder ID and password in the ID, PW field and click Login.

  3. When employees tap their cards on PaSoRi once, they will be clocked in, and tap it again, they will be clocked out.


Time clock for each employee

It is a method of activating the time recorder from the employee site.

Since it also supports mobile, you can also clock in/out from the outside.

  1. After logging in to Doreming, click the time recorder.
    If you are an administrator, please make sure that you are logging in to the employee site.

  2. The time recorder will be activated.

  3. Click on  Clock in. When you leave the office, you click on Clock out.
    * After clocking in, the button automatically changes to a clock out button.


 That's all for the guide for clocking in.

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