Set up a social insurance office


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【For administrators】

Setting social insurance office is necessary for payroll calculation.
Also, you need to set social insurance premiums to deduct from monthly salary.
Social insurance will be set up in the following order.

  1. Register a social insurance office
  2. Set social insurance offices under working conditions
  3. Set social insurance details of employee

Here is the procedure about how to set up the social insurance office.

  1. Click on Tax and Social insurance

  2. Click + icon

  3. Please enter the information.

    Basic info and Detail information
    Enter basic information such as location of business office.

    * The office code is a 5-digit number. This number will be informed by mail sent from the pension office.

    * Effective date should be filled with the date of your company established.

    Social Insurance
    Set up for health insurance, care insurance, and welfare pension insurance.

    * About Levy type
    Previous month: August contribution will be deducted from September salary (on 9/25, for example).
    Current month: August contribution will be deducted August salary (on 8/25, for example).

    * When you select Japan Health Insurance Association in the Division field, the rates are reflected automatically by each office.
    Please enter the fixed rate in the case of the Society-Managed Health Insurance.

    Labour insurance
    Set up for employment insurance and accident compensation insurance.

  4. Click Create to finish the setting.

  5. The Social insurance office is registered.

* The employment insurance premium rate varies depending on the three business segments of "general business", "agriculture, forestry and fisheries / brewing" and "construction business".
When the division of business is selected, the rate will be automatically reflected.
Details of insurance premium rate are posted on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page
* Occupational accident premium rate also varies according to the type of business.
Rate for each business  is published on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

This is all for the setting of the social insurance office.

  Next step is to set social insurance offices working conditions

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