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【For administrators】

"Confirmation before work" is a function to confirm whether employees are coming to work or not before the shift start time.
In this article, procedure of how to approve the confirmation from employee.

There are two ways to approve confirmation before work from employee.

* How to set working condition for getting pre-work confirmation
Select ''send'' for both "E-mail notifications" to employee and "notifications to managers" at the working condition in order to get the notification of confirmation. 
For more details, please click this article.

* How to create customized answers for before work confirmation 
It is possible to create customized confirmation answers for both employees and administrators.  
Few answers are registered by default, but you can edit / add as necessary.
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Approve from notification email

  1. Click Approve notification for notification e-mail.
    When you click on the application screen, it redirects to the administrator site application approval menu.
    ※If you are not logged in, you will be transferred to the login screen.

  2. The application will be approved.

Perform from the application approval menu on the administrator site

  1. Click Approvals.

  2. Select the indicator in the search option: Pre-work and click Search.

    Specify an arbitrary group.

    Specify any employee. Only one person can specify.
    If the group is selected at the above field, employees who belongs to the group can be selected. 

    Specify it as either the specified date, month, or period.

    Payment date group
    Specify the payment day group.

    Application type
    Select "before work" from the type of application.

    Choose from the following 3 options.
    -No reply from employees: Unsent
    -Need to be approved by managers: Reapplication
    -When approved by administrator: approved

    Search employee by name or employee code.

  1. The pre-work application from the employee will be displayed.

  2. Select the answer for employee.

  3. Tick the box and click on update.

  4. The status changes from unsent to approved.

This is all for the procedure of howto approve pre-work application.

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