Create shift codes


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【For administrators】

By creating a shift code, shift registration becomes easy.
Please register frequently used work patterns such as morning shift, afternoon shift, night shift and so on.

  1. Click Shift Codes
    Change the menu by clicking on a gear icon and then Repeat Shift icon will appear.

  2. Click on + icon to add new codes
    Common group: Select this if you want to create a shift code to be used for all groups.
    Group: Select this to create a shift code that is used only by the selected group.

  3. Click on ''Create'' after filling in each field

    * Regarding break time, setting under working conditions takes precedence.
    In the setting of breaks of working conditions, when [Set by shift] is selected, the break selected by the shift pattern is reflected.
    In working conditions, if either [Setting at fixed time · Stamp at break · Setting according to length of working time] is selected, breaks at work conditions regardless of break time on this screen takes precedence.
    To set up break time at working condition, Click here.

  4. When you return to the list, you can see that the new shift code that you created is added.

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