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Register shift (from employee site)


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【For Employee】

This is the procedure for how to register employee shifts by themselves.

As a default, the standard procedure to register employee shifts are set as following;

1. Employee requests a shift

2. The administrator approves it

3. The requested shift will be registered as a shift

However, You can allow employee to register shifts by themselves by simply ticking the box, ''Only register shift schedule'', in the operation permission setting of working conditions page.

Please refer to this article for permission setting of working conditions.

Here is the procedure for employee to register shifts.

  1. Click on Shift Request.

  2. Enter the shift.

    1. Select the attendance type (division of work or holiday.)
    2. Select the shift code.
    3. Enter the start time and end time. When shift code is selected, you can skip this field.
    4. Click plus icon to enter multiple shifts on the same day. An additional line will be added.

    5. By clicking this, you can delete the attendance type, shift code, and time that you entered.
  3. Click Update.

  4. The shift is registered.

    Those registered shifts can be confirmed from the work record screen of the employee site.

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