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Employee site password setting method


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【For administrators】

Password setting for employee

At the employee site, you can use personal time recorder, confirm the work record, apply for shifting etc.
In order for enabling to use the employee site, it is necessary to set a password in advance.

There are two ways of setting the password, [Reset password from administrator], [Reset with e-mail sent from administrator]
 (E-mail address registration is required).

  1. Click on Employees

  2. Click the key icon of the employee who you want to set the password.

  3. There are two ways to set the password.

    1.Change a password
    This is a way for administrators to set passwords on behalf of employee.
    Enter the password twice for confirmation and click Update.
    When the password is changed by the administrator, "Notice of password change" is sent to the employee.
    (E-mail address has to be registered to employee)

    Sample email message for password change

    Password setting request email
    This is the procedure for setting up the passwords by employees themselves.
    When you click ''send'', the e-mail of the password change request is sent to the employee so that they can change it by themselves.
    ※ Registration of the employee's email address is necessary in advance. You can register your e-mail address on the basic information screen by clicking on the employee at the top of the screen.

    Sample password setting request email
    1. Please reset the password from the link of the email.

    2. Enter the password twice for confirmation and click Update.

    3. Please click login and login with new password.

      A password change confirmation email will also be sent.
      Clicking on the URL in the e-mail will redirect to the login page.

Check login ID

The login ID of the employee site can be checked on the following screen.
When the administrator sets the password for employee, please tell the employee the login ID together with the set password.
If you want the employee to set the password in the password setting request email, the login ID will be automatically notified to the employee.

  1. Click on Employees

  2. Click the employee's name.

  3. The login ID will be displayed at the top of the basic information.

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