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Invite colleagues to the task


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【For staff】

There is a function to share the task by inviting colleagues.

For example, if you register a meeting task, you can invite them to join. The meeting task will be reflected in the invited member's task screen.

It also allows a trainer to organize the trainee's tasks or, an assistant can register schedules of other members, such as organizing a boss's schedule.

  1. Go to Task in Attendance menu.

  2. Click on Create task or + icon on the calendar date to create task.
    (Invite function is only available in task plan.)

  3. Click on Invite to open the option.

  4. Choose the employee to invite.

    1. Choose the employee to invite.
    2. Invited employee will be shown, then click on Update.

  5. Please return to the registration screen and confirm that the employee who is invited are reflected. Click on Update and complete.

    Save as task: Please use it when you share task with someone. (i.e. when inviting members to join the meeting)
    Since it is registered as a shared task, when you delete this task then the task of whose invited will also be deleted.

    Save as personal task: You can register tasks on behalf of other employee. (i.e. When an assistant registers his / her boss's schedule, etc.)
    Even if the employee who invited deleted it, the task of the invited side remains.
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