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Master setting of position


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【For administrators】

About position

Position function is a function of grouping employees apart from payment date group or group which belong.
By registering position such as leader, you will be able to search employee shifts and work record by each position.

Set position master

  1. Click the position list
    (When you click the gear icon in the attendance menu, the position list icon will be displayed.)

  2. Click +
    (As a default,  store manager, agent manager and leader are set.  You can change the name and as well as to activate or not.)

  3. Enter a name and click create

    Name: enter the name. this field is mandatory
    Abbreviation: Optional. (If it is a blank, the first four characters of the registered name will be registered)
    Code: Optional. (If it is a blank, it will be automatically numbered and will be displayed in the export data.)
    Status: Select invalid when you no longer use it.

  4. New position will be registered.

    Employee tag setting

About job position list

Gray background : This position is invalidated.
Bin icon: You can delete job positions that are not in use (not used in common working conditions or employee working conditions).
↑ ↓: You can change the order of the position by dragging this icon.

This would be all for how to set the position.

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