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【For administrators】

Here is the procedure to create working conditions and the management unit and control items to create.

  • Procedure for setting working conditions
  • Determination of management unit
  • Operation control by group manager

Setup steps

  1. Click on Company working conditions.

  2. + Icon: click on new registration

  3. Select payment day group
    (You can also create a new payment group. For the payment day group,please click here.

  4. Register basic information

    code Input is optional. (If you do not enter it, it will be automatically numbered. The code will be used instead of the name of the working condition when importing or exporting.)
    Payment group Select the payment day group linked to the working condition.
    (The one selected in 3 is entered.)
    name Enter the name of the labor condition.
    Salary method Select the appropriate one. (Currently, Japan, Vietnam, India can be chosen. )
    Application start date You can select within the range of 2 months before and after the current month. Regarding the start date of application, click here
    Office Select the social insurance office to apply to the working conditions. Please set up a social insurance office in advance. Regarding the setting of a social insurance office, Click here
    Memo Use as memo.

    Set each tab
    When you are finished, click Register at the bottom of the page.
     (There is no need to press registration for each tab)

  5. You can check the setting details from the link below
    Working hours Set working hours and overtime calculation method.
    Time clock/Rest We set rounding and break time.
    Paid leave pattern Select paid method.
    Pay/Transp We will set salary, salary transfer information, and transportation expenses.
    Extra wage/Night We will set night time and premium rate for overtime work.
    Allowance Deductions Select allowances and deduction items for payroll calculation.
    NotificationNotification to Employee and administrator
    Operation permission Set up the scope of authority for employee and group administrator whether to allow operations.
    Emplpyee tag We will select the position (such as title) to give to the employee.

Determination of management unit

For each tab of working conditions, we will decide whether to manage in one central control or by employee.

Employee Choose this when you make different settings for each employee such as salary and transportation expenses.

Choose the settings you would like to use common settings for employees sharing the same working conditions, such as overtime hours calculation and time clock settings.

By initial value, it is set as below

category Setting items
Company Employee

Working hours

Time clock /  Rest
Paid leave pattern
Pay Pay / Transp
Extra wage / Nigth
Allowance Deduction
Other Notification
Operation permission
Employee tag

Operation control by group manager

For each tab, you can display / hide employee working conditions and control editing permission for group administrators.

Description Determination of management unit
Company Employee
Hide to manager The group manager can not see the employee working conditions.
Referable to manager

Group managers can see employee working conditions, but can not edit it.
Editable to manager Group managers can edit employee working conditions.
You can select it only when ''Employee" is selected in the management unit.

*1 If you select ''common'', you can not select ''Editable to manager''.

* To manage the scope of authority for administrator, click here.

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